Gelleråsen, 2000-09-30

When I approached the track, I met a yellow Pantera I had never seen before, and was that a meeting? I sounded as mean as the Pantera that won the "Fastest Sportscar Competition" last year! Now this will be interesting...

I counted 9 Panteras at the event, and here's a lineup of some of them

Here's Patrik Thelin's mean yellow Pantera, with Patrik behind the weel, waiting to take on the track


The thunder generator

It is a 460 stroked to 514 ci.

Patrik has bought a brand new transmission from LBT, and they apparently come with CV-joints!

I want a fuel cap like this!

Here's two small (10s) video clips that will give you a feel for his mean machine. They are around 940k each.

 Video 1

 Video 2

Only after I came home did I realize that I could set the camera to take 15s shots, sorry.

One of the items on this event was to establish this years fastest sportscar. The new rules said that there had to be teams of three cars. Each car starts just before the final curve and runs through half of the starting straight. The times are then summed for all three cars.

Of the nine Panteras five wanted to give it a shot. I reluctantly accepted to be the filler so that we formed two teams.

Eight teams entered, Pantera team two (my team) came in seventh, the other fifth. The winners were some Subaru rice cookers...

The amazing part was that the time difference between my team and the other Pantera team was a mere 1.2 seconds, out of around 48 seconds in all.

I noticed that I hadn't prepared well enough for event, I found myself with zero oil pressure in the tightest right turns and in hard braking. During a break I checked the oil level and it was about 1/3 between empty and full. Therefore I didn't want to go at full throttle during the event. Patrik, who definitely had the most potent Pantera, came in just a few tenth of a second ahead of me. He obviously had problems getting all that power down.

There were other mean machines at the event. This is a VW Golf, 2.2l five with between 850 - 950 hp! 3.7 bar turbo boost!

One of my colleagues, who happen to be affiliated with the BMW-club, says that these cars do 0 - 60, once ;-)

This is most likely the last major run before winter. I will only do one or two runs when the G-tech Pro Performance meter arrives, just to establish the current performance before doing the EFI conversion.

Thomas Törnblom (#9321)