Rosersberg, 2000-08-27

My second event!

The three Panteras from Uppsala lineup at the gas station, Sunday morning at 8.

A few P-cars.




Arghh, using "magical" stuff on a Pantera? I wouldn't dare.


My 84 GT5. Notice the brand new license plate! I lost the old one on the last event.

Parked in front of the house.... Just kidding ;-)

Lineup for a presentation of four different Pantera models, one early, one GT5, one GT5S and one customized/tuned.

Now here's a Lamborghini I had never seen before!

It was apparently a "toy" for the "filthy rich", that wants to enjoy the deserts.

The specs were:
160+ kph (100 mph) over soft desert sand
200+ kph (125 mph) on roads

The owner said it is no problems cruising at 220 kph (135+ mph) on roads! There's no need to slow down for rain either.

It has a 5 liter V12 with a very complex transmission.

There are external seats in the back that is used while hunting.

The tires were developed specifically for this car by Pirelli and is 345/60 VR17. Notice the VR rating!

Colonel Ghadaffi of Libya apparently ordered three of these, but only picked up two. This is the third.

This is a 30+ year old Swedish patrol car!

A race prepped Maserati Bora.

The rear lenses are the same as the Panteras, but these have the Maserati crown cast in the plastic.

Beautiful Fikse rim on a Corvette. I bet this would look great on a Pantera!

Master mechanic Tomas Gunnarsson having problems with his parking brake. I was too slow to catch him under the car.

Thomas Törnblom (#9321)